U.S.-Japan Workshop on Heavy Ion Fusion
and High Energy Density Physics

"Academia Hall",  Utsunomiya University
Sep. 28-30, 2005


September 28 (Wednesday) High Energy Density Physics and Fusion

Chair: Prof. S. Kawata (UU)
Opening Address from Prof. Y. Nishida (UU)
13:00 - Prof. R.C. Davidson (VNL): "Frontiers for Discovery in High Energy Density Physics in the U.S."
13:45 - Prof. M. Ogawa (TIT): "Overview of Heavy Ion Research in Japan"
14:30 - Dr. B.G. Logan (VNL): "Overview of Heavy Ion Research in the U.S."
15:15 - Prof. K. Horioka (TIT): "Overview of High Energy Density Physics Research in Japan "


Chair: Dr. J. Barnard (VNL)
16:15 - Prof. H. Azechi (ILE): "Critical Path to Impact Fast Ignition"
16:45 - Prof. M. Murakami (ILE): "Impact Ignition Physics"
17:15 - Prof. H.Yoneda (UEC): "Study of Warm Dense Matter Physics with Ultra-Short Pulse Lasers"


September 29 (Thursday) High Energy Density Physics and Accelerator Physics

Chair: Prof. M. Ogawa (TIT)
9:30 - Dr. John Barnard (VNL): "Accelerator Optimization with Applications to Warm Dense Matter"
10:15 - Prof. Ken Takayama (KEK): "Induction Accelerator for all Species of Ions"
11:00 - Prof. Y. Oguri (TIT): "Development of a shock-produced plasma target for nonlinear beam-plasma interaction experiments"


High Energy Density Physics and Accelerator Physics

Chair: Prof. R.C. Davidson (VNL)
13:30 - Dr. A. Endoh (EUVA): "EUV Source Development in Japan"
14:15 - Prof. K. Nakajima (KEK): "A challenge of Laser-Plasma Accelerators Toward High Energy Frontier"
15:00 - Prof. K. Koyama (AIST): "Monoenergetic Acceleration of Electrons by Laser-Driven Plasma Wave"
15:45 - 16:15 Prof. K. Akimoto (TeikyoU): "Fundamental Processes in Pulse-Particle Interaction"


Chair: Prof. K. Horioka (TIT)
16:30 - Dr. P. Seidl (VNL): "Advances in Intense Ion Beam Experiments in the U.S."
17:15 - Dr. D. Grote (VNL): "Advances in Numerical Simulations of Intense Ion Beams in the U.S."


September 30 (Friday) High Energy Density Physics and Accelerator Physics

Chair: Dr. P. Seidl (VNL)
9:30 - Prof. T. Kawamura (TIT): "Numerical Study on K-alpha Radiation from High Density Plasma by Energetic Charged Particles"
10:00 - Dr. J. Hasegawa (TIT): "Development of Plasma Targets Using Thin-Foil Discharge"
10:30 - Dr. T. Kikuchi (UU): "High-Current Beam Dynamics for HIF and HEDP Applications"
11:00 - Prof. E. Hotta (TIT): "Pulsed Power Plasma Experiment"


Char: Dr. B.G. Logan (VNL)
11:45 - SPECIAL TALK: Prof. K. Tanaka (ILE): "Development of HED Science"
12:30 - Closing Remarks by US & J Delegations

In the oral presentation, you can use a projector with a laptop computer and/or an overhead projector with transparencies.

VNL: Virtual National Laboratory for Heavy Ion Fusion, U.S.A.
TIT: Tokyo Institute of Technology
KEK: High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
ILE: Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University
UEC: The University of Electro-Communications
AIST: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
EUVA: Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography System Development Association
TeikyoU: Teikyo University
UU: Utsunomiya University

Poster Presentation

Poster presentations are also planned in the workshop. Several posters, which are related in HEDP and HIF researches, will be exhibited during the workshop. Since an e-mail address of the corresponding author is indicated in their posters, participants can also contact the presenter via e-mail.

Workshop Materials

We would like the speakers to send your presentation materials in PDF format, if the material can be distributed through this WEB page.  Please be sure before you send us the material if the material has no problem to be distributed. The PDF materials will be posted on the WEB page, which can be freely accessible from outside. 

Please e-mail your available PDF file to T. Kikuchi (tkikuchi@cc.utsunomiya-u.ac.jp) till September 20, 2005, if possible. 


To Utsunomiya City

Access to Utsunomiya University

Access to Hotel SEALUCK PAL UTSUNOMIYA, and Map around the Hotel and Yohtoh Campus

Map: Yohtoh Campus of Utsunomiya University and Room for Workshop

Map around Utsunomiya Station and Vicinity


For guests from U.S.A.

For Japanese Guests (and/or who understand Japanese) (日本人もしくは日本語が出来る方)

Dinner on September 28 Wednesday

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